Video Wall

Video Wall — a system of combined displays that form a single screen, allowing the reproduction of large volumes of information from different sources. Through Digital Signage system, the content management is performed remotely, and allows you to efficiently manage information. It is a powerful marketing tool to attract customers and maintain the company's image.



Video walls are generally used in shopping malls, exhibitions, public and educational institutions , concert halls , etc.

Using the modular technologies, you can create display walls of any size and configuration. Modern equipment allows you to create unique asymmetric video walls.



LED video-wall

Is a unitary multi-screen consisting of several video modules. The modular concept allows you to create video walls of any size, in accordance with the project. This solution is best suited for outdoors, as the brightness and clarity of the picture is visible from any distance. Another important advantage of the LED video wall is its unique flexibility, especially if used in non-standard building structures or premises where you plan to install it.

Video-walls from professional LCD panels

This video-wall consists of professional LCD panels with high resolution, as well as embedded software. Ideal for indoor applications. Thanks to modern solutions, the video wall can be interactive(clickable). Popular for creating video show cases.




Trends in LCDs

  • Displays with Full HD resolution has become a new standard.
  • Displays with ultra-thin frames are used for video walls.
  • Solutions with enhanced brightness are elaborated for outdoors.
  • Touch screens allow you to implement interactive functions.
  • The software is available in the cloud.

Trends in the field of LED screens

  • LED displays with high pixel density.
  • Solutions with a small pixel pitch.
  • Customizable solutions.
  • An acceptable alternative to the LCD displays for indoor usage.


Other Solutions

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