Video Wall — a system of combined displays that form a single screen, allowing the reproduction of large volumes of information from different sources. Through Digital Signage system, the content management is performed remotely, and allows you to efficiently manage information. It is a powerful marketing tool to attract customers and maintain the company's image.

LED video-wall

Is a unitary multi-screen consisting of several video modules. The modular concept allows you to create video walls of any size, in accordance with the project. This solution is best suited for outdoors, as the brightness and clarity of the picture is visible from any distance. Another important advantage of the LED video wall is its unique flexibility, especially if used in non-standard building structures or premises where you plan to install it.

Video-walls from professional LCD panels

This video-wall consists of professional LCD panels with high resolution, as well as embedded software. Ideal for indoor applications. Thanks to modern solutions, the video wall can be interactive(clickable). Popular for creating video show cases.

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Digital menu board — a system of broadcasting dynamic menu on monitors for restaurants, fast foods and coffee shops, equipped with a unique control system. DMB - is, above all, the speed of changing information in comparison with traditional light boxes. The system can be synchronized with the cashiers to automatically upload data. Menu boards provide a unique opportunity to use the menu as an effective marketing field: testing new positions, promoting key items and "slack" ones; Variation of offers depending on the time of the day, season, holidays; conducting promotions; broadcasting affiliate advertising, etc.

Advanced professional panels used for digital menu boards have built-in software that allows you to save space in their application area, making the system even more secure and significantly reduces its integration costs.

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eMenu (electronic menu) - an interactive ordering system, which is used in cafes and restaurants as a modern alternative to the paper menu. The system allows guests to get acquainted with all the variety of dishes and drinks, place an order and ask for the bill without the help of waiters at any time.

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Checkstand monitors are installed in the cashdesk area on the client’s side. It will be a powerful tool to create customer loyalty, maximize interaction with customers as the system allows you to confirm orders, use the customer feedback book, leave a comment about your outlet, or to talk about novelties of the season, special offers,  and discounts. When integrated with the cash register, prices and meals will be updated automatically.

Touch screen monitors are more popular for their functionality provides more opportunities to implement marketing ideas.

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Information booth — automated hardware and software systems designed to provide supplemental information.

Functions vary depending on the tasks given. Its main advantages are an intuitive interface and processing speed. It is a modern efficient tool to improve the quality of customer service.

Equipped with vandal-proof housing, touch screen, and can have customized design. To install additionally: cash acceptor, USB 2.0 connectors, fiscal printer, audio, thermal printer, additional advertising display, barcode scanner, RFID receiver, NFC and other equipment.

Our company manufactures traditional advertising and information media that allows us to implement key ready complex solutions for our customers.

Fitted out production with modern equipment and highly qualified professionals to realize any of your ideas in short terms and with high quality.


  • Signs;
  • Light boxes;
  • Information boards;
  • Indicators;
  • side-mounted box signs;
  • Illuminated letters;
  • Pavement signs;
  • Information booths;
  • Plotter cutting;
  • Milling.

Any shape, size, and amount of products can be manufactured. We use a variety of materials: acrylic, polystyrene composites, decorative plastics, LEDs, neon.

BigNote — a compact device that allows you to turn any display into a touch screen!

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Modern video surveillance systems have not only a safety feature but also, thanks to the additional modules, are capable of collecting and processing data. Now you can get information about the store conversion, analyze queues at the box office to evaluate the work of employees. One of the most contemporary is the module calculating the path of motion of buyers.  This designed function allows you to convert a traditional CCTV to a fully-featured marketing tool.

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