электронное меню, eMenu

eMenu or electronic menu — is an interactive system that is used in cafes and restaurants as a modern alternative to the paper menu. With eMenu guests can find the dishes and drinks they like quickly and easily and place an order.

Intuitive interface, mouthwatering photos of dishes and pop-up offers to help guests make the right choice, and restaurateurs to increase the average purchase size. The turnover rate of tables increases due to precise and rapid execution of orders, while advertising in eMenu becomes a significant source of additional income.

eMenu promotes restaurant business to a new level of quality service, attracts visitors and helps caterers not only save, but also to earn more.

  • Test new positions and promote key and "slack" ones;
  • Alternate offers depending on the time of the day, season, holiday;
  • Conduct promotional campaigns;
  • Broadcast affiliate advertising, etc.





Customer benefits
User-friendly interface with the ability to search for dishes;
Bright and colorful pictures;
Comprehensive information on food and drinks;
High level of service;
Access to the games and entertainment;
The ability to share your experiences with friends on social networks.
Caterer benefits
Restaurant popularity growth and increase in customers;
Service process acceleration;
Increase average purchase size due to pop-up proposals and recommendations;
Integrate with existing POS systems - orders come directly to the POS machine;
Easy and convenient way of menu editing;
Customer feedback: collection and analysis of reviews and comments automatically;
Cost cutbacks on staff;
Additional income from placing adverts in digital menus;
Improve overall business performance.


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