BigNote — a compact device that allows you to turn any display into a touch screen!

Big Note sensor detects the infrared signal of a special pen and converts it into position data. Hence, you can create a touch screen on displays of any type and size. The device is simple to use and does not require any additional sensors on the display or projection screen.

BigNote has the same functions of any expensive hardware sensor device. The kit contains everything you need for a fully-featured functioning, including software. Running the system via mobile devices is possible.

BigNote costs considerably less than similar systems, which makes it an utmost attractive solution in the market and the best in terms of price / quality.


BigNote — виртуальная интерактивная сенсорная панель




 95mm (L) X 30mm (D) X 50mm (B)


 230 g



Motion tracking

 Passive infrared sensor

Connection interface


Sensor resolution

 640 X 480 pixels

Measurement speed

 30 points / sec

Response time

 0.1 seconds

Horizontal access angle

 40 degrees

Vertical adjustment range

 90 +/- 10 degrees

Cursor accuracy 

 +/- 2 pixel

Distance from Screen

 1.5-5 m / ultra-short-throw 0.5-1.5 m



Cable length

 3.0 m

Display types

 projectors (on any wall including uneven surfaces)PDP, LCD, DLP TV

Housing/pen color

 red, black, white


 Infrared Interactive

Stylus dimensions

 165 mm (L) X 18 mm (D)

Stylus weight

 65 g

Stylus power supply     

 1.5v AAA, 2 pcs.

Direct export

 JPEG image, WMV video

Active region

 larger than the screen size

Screen size

 from 17 to 300 inches (adjustable)




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